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One of the most valuable

functions of a green

wall is air purification.


This is accomplished through a process known as phytoremediation – improving indoor air quality by breaking down VOC’s and other airborne contaminant compounds. Our green wall – or Aerogation™ structure – utilizes all three processes of phytoremediation.



The result?


Cleaner, healthier air.


The Aerogation™ system is all-component, allowing for freedom of design, ease of installation and a completely unique visual space.
Factors like orientation, climate, light and wind exposure all influence the plants best suited for your project.


Our experienced GREENWALL team will work with you to choose the right plant for your unique location.



(Aerogation™ as “US and International patent pending”, “Aerogation™ is trademarked by AgroSci™ Inc. all rights reserved” Copyright 2014 Greenstreet Growers)